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Designer & Patent Holder

Growing up in Leamington, Diogenese Gomez worked after school at local produce packing sheds. Later moving away to work in the Automotive Industry.

Over the last 20 years, Diogenes has managed and built automation equipment designed for different regions.

In 2010, after visiting a local greenhouse grower, he thought of combining and applying automotive automation practices to orientate bell peppers Pre-Pack.

Today, he has designed, built, and acquired patents from the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The Automation Process offers solutions to a labour-intensive process and labour shortage.

Design & Manufacturer

MAYSON ENTERPRISES from Windsor, Ontario was established in 1979 by Gerry Lemay.

Today Mayson Enterprises has 50+ skilled professionals & engineers providing automation and robotics for the automotive industry.

2 Locations

Plant 1

3706 Sandwich Street Windsor, ON N9C 1B7

Plant 2

3420 Pillette Road Winsor, ON N8N 2M1

Your Success is Our Priotity

“You can rely on our experienced staff to work closely with you to achieve tailored automated packing solutions.”

- Diogenes Gomez

Automated PAK Solutions Inc.

Your Success is Our Priotity

“We guarantee the machines we build and offer continued support after the sale.”

- Jerry Lemay Jr. Owner

Mayson Enterprises

Mayson Enterprises


Our Promise

100% Food Safety
Reduce Labour Costs
Consistent Production Output
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