A Conventional Rainbow pack line has approximately 7 people manually placing peppers in the correct orientation, which is a time-consuming process. The solution is to install assembly automation.
Introducing R.O.Y. (Red, Orange, Yellow Pepper) Orientation Machine, a patented automation process that eliminates operator handling during Pre-Pack production.
R.O.Y allows labour savings during this process. Automate to eliminate extra handling, improving food safety and quality.
Automating offers reliable packing and 24/7 packing. The patented process can be applied to/for any combination of Pepper Pre-Pack. Solo, 2,3,4,6 packets.
The process is not limited to peppers, the concept can be used for various production combinations and counts not currently being assembled as a Pre-Pack.
Example: 3 or 6 Variety of Apples, Citrus Party Pack 2 lemon/4limes, Guacamole Pre-Pack Tomato, Onion, Avocado

Automating pack assembly process saves time, reduces the number of rejected packaged products, and uses less packaging material.

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